Why SaaS Businesses Should Use Episodic Videos, Just Like Netflix

As a SaaS business, it is important for your company to incorporate videos into your marketing materials and a good reason for that is because of how much engagement you can get from them.

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When done right, video content is a great way to increase engagement. However, if you want to maintain your audience’s engagement for a long period of time, you have to keep up with the different trends in video content.

One video trend that has been becoming more prominent lately is episodic videos. This trend comes from how effective TV shows have been when it comes to keeping their audiences engaged consistently for a sustained period of time.

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Especially now, in the age of streaming with services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc. where everyone is encouraged to watch a huge bulk of video content, companies like your SaaS business can also use this trend to maximize the value of videos and to effectively engage with your own audience.

What are episodic videos?

Episodic videos are engaging videos that are made sequentially as part of a series centered around a certain topic or theme. These are similar to what you watch on Netflix, YouTube, etc.

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To give you a better understanding of episodic videos, here are some examples:

Wistia — Wistia, a video-software company, made a series of episodic videos on their website called One, Ten, One Hundred where they challenged a video production agency to create three different ads with three different budgets.

Spotify — Spotify for Artists, which is Spotify’s service catered specifically to aspiring musicians, created a show that featured Spotify insiders along with successful musicians. They would then share tips and valuable advice to people that are passionate about making music.

Why businesses should use episodic videos

Now that you have a better idea on episodic videos, here are 3 reasons why businesses are making more and more of them and focusing less on traditional marketing practices.

  1. Episodic videos keep your audience engaged

A single post, photo, or video on their own is just a limited experience for most audiences. Their engagement with your brand ends as soon as they’re done reading or watching that single piece of content you posted.

By branching out your video content into episodes that have a wider narrative scope, you can greatly increase the lifespan of it by connecting it with other video content that you have.

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What’s important is that you keep your audience’s interest for as long as possible, it is not enough to just command their attention for a few moments. You must be able to create your own video content that will resonate to your own specific audience for a long period of time.

2. Episodic videos align with how viewers consume video content today

Doing episodic videos at a time like this makes a lot of sense because of how users choose to consume their media nowadays.

We have entered the era of binge-watching where users spend several consecutive hours watching video content on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, YouTube and others if they find the content entertaining and worthwhile.

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People who like binge-watching a lot of different TV shows will probably want to consume other content, like videos, in a similar way so episodic videos provide the right type of blend for them.

If you can provide your audience with engaging episodic videos that are easily available to watch in different online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or anywhere else, rest assured that they will follow your brand and find a way to watch these videos.

3. You can use episodic videos as evergreen content

You can also use episodic videos as evergreen content. Having a lot of video content will always come in handy because this content will always be relevant regardless of time or any current events.

It is smart to invest in producing episodic videos as you can post a lot different content from these video shoots that were not included in the main episodic videos you are making.

You can reuse or repurpose these videos into the future by posting behind the scenes footage, commentary, reactions, or recaps of your episodic videos.

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For your SaaS business, creating episodic videos for your audience can be a great way to garner substantial and consistent engagement from your audience.

Niche audiences can get to spend more time with your SaaS business when you get to create episodic video content that fits with their interests and personality. Having episodic videos can be important to grow your business and to strengthen your relationships with your customers.

If you’re interested in creating your own episodic videos for your SaaS business and need some help, VideoBlast can be your video partner. We are an online creative video agency creating quick and affordable done-for-you videos.

We have different video styles and examples you can check out on our website. Let VideoBlast help you create amazing episodic videos to help grow your SaaS business!

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